About Our Laboratory

The Haptics and Medical Robotics (HAMR) Laboratory seeks to extend the current knowledge surrounding the human perception of touch, especially as it relates to applications of human/robot interaction and collaboration. We are particularly interested in medical robotics applications such as minimally invasive surgical robots, upper-limb prosthetic devices, and rehabilitation robots. To solve many of the problems in these areas, we apply techniques from human perception, human motor control, neuromechanics, and control theory. Check out Prof. Brown’s presentation in the iRos Workshop, “Intro to Haptics for XR” and his Hopkins at Home talk, “Engineering the Sense of Touch.”

Research Projects

The study of human-machine interactions is extremely useful in designing and improving the human experience in both real and virtual...

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Motor-neurological conditions such as stroke can disrupt normal muscle activity for any part of the human body, especially in...

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The majority of currently commercially available prostheses offer limited or no haptic feedback to the user. For upper-limb amputees, two...

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