Join Us

Thank you for your interest in joining our research group. If you have not done so already, please familiarize yourself with our research and recent publications.

The success of the HAMR Lab rests on the collective efforts of each and every member. All members are expected to contribute to the lab’s intellectual pursuits, as well as the lab’s positive social climate. While high-impact publications and presentations are often the result of good science, we as a lab, believe that our ultimate reward is solving complex problems that will have broad positive impacts on society.

This societal impacts comes in many forms, including:

  • new technologies and processes that advance the current state of healthcare and other industries,
  • advancements in STEM and robotics education throughout the K-12 pipeline and beyond, and
  • the development of a diverse and inclusive STEM workforce that is capable of solving the societal problems of tomorrow.

We therefore welcome individuals of diverse backgrounds and experience at all levels to thoughtfully consider joining our team. We are always excited to see our lab grow!

PhD Students

PhD students comprise the core of our research group, and we are always looking for talented, highly-motivated, individuals to join our team. Interested individuals are encouraged to apply directly to the Hopkins PhD program. If you do decide to apply, please include information regarding the types of projects that interest you, the skills/techniques you hope to develop, and the technical and research skills you have already acquired. Once you have applied, you are encouraged to contact Prof. Brown via email to discuss potential opportunities.

Undergraduate and Masters Students

We are always excited for undergraduate and Masters students to get involved in research in our lab and seek to make each research opportunity as fulfilling as possible. In most cases, undergraduate and Masters students will work alongside PhD students on ongoing research projects. In some cases, however, there may be opportunities for individual projects. Interested individuals should view this detailed document on guidelines, expectations, and how to apply. Additionally, undergraduate students may be eligible to conduct summer research through the Provost Undergraduate Research Award (PURA) program, or the Computational Sensing and Medical Robotics (CSMR) REU program (please follow instructions on their respective websites and submit your application through their respective application portals).

Medical Students, Residents, or Clinicians

Please contact Prof. Brown via email to discuss potential opportunities.