Singhala, M.; Carducci, J.; Brown, J. D.
Towards an understanding of how humans perceive stiffness during bimanual exploration
Accepted as Works-in-Progress paper at Haptics Symposium 2020


In this paper, an experimental testbed and associated psychophysical paradigm are presented for understanding how people discriminate torsional stiffness using wrist rotation about their forearm. Featured in the testbed are two 1-DoF rotary kinesthetic haptic devices. An adaptive staircase was used to evaluate JNDs for a stiffness discrimination task where participants explored virtual torsion springs by rotating their forearms. The JNDs were evaluated across seven different conditions, under four different exploration modes: bimanual, unimanual, bimanual feedback for unimanual displacement, and unimanual feedback for bimanual displacement. The discrimination results will inform future investigation into understanding how stiffness percepts vary.