Thomas, N; Ung, N.; McGarvey, C.; Brown, J.D.
Comparison of vibrotactile and joint-torque feedback in a myoelectric upper-limb prosthesis
Published: 11 June 2019 in the Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation / View Abstract, BibTex and Links


Despite the technological advancements in myoelectric prostheses,body-powered prostheses remain a popular choice for amputees,in part due to the natural sensory advantage they provide. Research on haptic feedback in myoelectric prostheses has delivered mixed results. Furthermore, there is limited research comparing various haptic feedback modalities in myoelectric prostheses. In this paper, we present a comparison of the feedback intrinsically present in body-powered prostheses(joint-torque feedback) to a commonly proposed feedback modality for myoelectric prostheses (vibrotactile feedback). In so doing, we seek to understand whether the advantages of kinesthetic feedback present in body-powered prostheses translate to myoelectric prostheses,and whether there are differences between kinesthetic and cutaneous feedback in prosthetic applications.


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